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Welcome to the website of the Akita Club of Finland!

On this website you can find information about Japanese Akitas in Finland.
Here are a couple of links to some important pages on this site. Unfortunately most of our site is only in Finnish, but we hope these links will help you find what you are looking for.

Open database for Akitas diagnosed with SA or VKH/UDS in Europe

Finnish Akita breeding studs here

Puppies (and sometimes older Akitas too) looking for a new home here
Our forum for all Akita owners and people who want to know more about this breed.
If you want to sign in on the forum your nickname needs to be in form: "Firstname Surname" (e.g. Bob Builder).
If you have questions about Akitas in our country, or you want to be a member of the Akita Club of Finland, please contact us. Here is the link to our contact information
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the Board of the Akita Club of Finland